Irish Beef’s Reputation Slaughtererd Live On ITV


A Frame by Frame view, of the consequences of Bord Bia,Department of Agriculture and Governmental Love Affair with ‘Big Food’ and ‘Processing’ at The Expense and damage of Artisan, unprocessed production

The words, “34 Different Burger products Supplied By Irish”  firms booms out over the first two pictures while the words, Contaminated, Horse, Meat, DNA and Irish Meat producers lingers in the minds of UK viewers
Bravo then to the Dept of Agriculture who are in thrall to added value processing that fosters the kinds of firm at the heart of this debacle, value adding firms as we like to call them. Reading the Dept of Agriculture’s own statements in their Food Harvest 2020 strategy document is a very queasy making activity : a goal for example for 2015 is
Develop a new research programme in collaboration with the meat industry to increase the value of waste streams in the sector.”   (– lovely.)

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