personal guff

Tomas Clancy discovered his love of the fruit of the vine at an early age, when he found that he was eerily drawn to the black fruity thing in Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut chocolate bars while watching the collected works of the Children’s Film Foundation at his local Saturday morning children’s cinema club.

Later he would discover this fruit again in a variety of chocolate bars, then in some of the more authentic Irish fruit cakes and finally after a brief spell in hospital, in the uncooked form.

Determined to ‘get to the bottom of this grape thing’ he set off for France with little more than the contents of small family home and a great deal of borrowed money.

After literally minutes of backbreaking ‘grape picking’ Tomas determined that talking the talk was much more his style than walking the walk. Exploring the great vineyards of the world from the bottom of a glass in comfortable, perhaps even, oak panelled surroundings was the way forward.

Tomas is married to Claire and has two sons, one somewhat unimaginatively also called Tomas and his younger brother, born in January 2005 called James.

They live in Dublin, a small city on a moist rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Tomas the Elder is the Wine Correspondent for the Sunday Business Post