My Irish AC Proposal

A Proposal For An Irish Appellation Controllee System For Irish Agriculture, Food and Drink

February 20, 2010

AC systems promote the highest standards of quality production, traceability, sustainable techniques, promote jobs, safeguard them from imitations, but it is also an encouragement for evolution in the outlined foodstuff itself.

An Irish AC system will establish this knowledge and show a national endorsement, indeed a pride, just as the French, Germans and Italians have for the produce of their Appellation d’ Origine Contrôlée protected and defined produce.

It would allow a generation of Irish people to reconnect with the variety, diversity and generosity of our own soils, our lands.

It could boost jobs and open up small scale development in the regions for these newly delineated and protected products. It would encourage and support those who then want to take their business to the world, giving them a level quality playing field not some vague sense of Irish produce.

Many consumers, in the EU and across Ireland can tell you about Parma Ham, the slopes of Burgundy and the AC cheeses of Northern Italy, but do not comprehend the complexity of Meath, Kilkenny or Wexford soils, slopes or produce. Yet is there to taste in unprotected products from Gubbeen Cheese to Air Dried Connemara Lamb.